Letter to the Prime Minister of Bill Gates, the desire to invest in Pakistan

Islamabad: Micro-founder Bill Gates has expressed his desire to invest in Pakistan by writing a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to the founder of the world's richest person, the founder of the Microer Aware Company, expressed his intention to invest in Pakistan in his letter.

Bill Gates says that investors want to invest in IT sector, microsoft can find new opportunities for investment in Pakistan.

The letter said that the Bill Gates Foundation will continue to cooperate with Pakistan in the public health, microfinance founder continued to endeavor to end polio in Pakistan, it is expected that Prime Minister The letter will be answered.

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Remember that Bill Gates contacted telephonic Prime Minister Khan on December 5, 2018, on the occasion, Bill Gates presented the exaggeration to Prime Minister Imran Khan on the end of polio eradication while assured of continued cooperation in various fields. Was it

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According to analysts, it is an important step to show a heart attack for micro-investments in Pakistan, which will not only improve the economy of Pakistan, but also new opportunities for employment.
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